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The Last Watch » Repost from @biblionovabooks

Thank you @biblionovabooks for this wonderful photo & review of The Last Watch! So glad you enjoyed it!! ✨🚀✨

Repost from @biblionovabooks



What if the Night’s Watch were in space?

That’s the idea behind THE LAST WATCH, the first book in J. S. Dewes’ debut series. If you’re familiar with GAME OF THRONES, you know all about the Night’s Watch—the dregs of humanity, exiled to a distant post to watch for a threat that most consider to be a myth. The Sentinels are this world’s Night’s Watch, a group of exiles and washouts consigned to the literal edge of the universe.

And then the universe begins to collapse. From then the pace proceeds at a breakneck pace. I heartily enjoyed this story. If I had a single criticism, it’s the presence of a few persistent writing tics involving the word “assured,” but I recommend this to anyone who’s craving an exciting space opera.


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