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The Relentless Legion Pass Pages

The Relentless Legion pass pages are here, clocking in at a cool 499 pages 😎

During revisions I had to trim quite a bit to get it down to this length (143,000 words*) but it’s definitely better off for it! This is easily my fastest paced book as far as how much ground/time the characters cover over the course of it, and with THREE points of view! 👏😆

(*For comparison, The Last Watch is also 143,000 & The Exiled Fleet is 161,000)

This proofreading pass will be the last round (for me) in the production process, so it’s all cover art and marketing fun from here on out!

November 12th let’s goooooo! 🎉


Apr 12

Sounds verrrrry XX-citing as

I'm a Near Death Experiencer.

Nthn to be afraid of... at least

I wasn't - I saw the HUUUUGE

castle in the Great Beyond and

that was 'bout it. NeverDless...

I want youNeye to write; RITEn

for oemnillionsOyears

X oemnillionsObooks

and gobbsa desires.

Gotta gobba lotta show you -

d'B.O.M.Ms just! the! start! of

the ⁹⁹⁹⁹⁹⁹⁹⁹ exponential pow!er

without the ER (YuckYuck).

You're everything to me;

you're everything to God:

● NOPEcantELOPE.blogspot.com ●

Cya soon,





Eliška Poskerová
Eliška Poskerová
Apr 02

I just finished 2nd book, Im super excited how whole story will wrap up. I hope it will get translations soon too.

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