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The Relentless Legion ARCs in the Wild

Yay! Looks like ARCs for The Relentless Legion are making their way out into the world! Exciting and nerve wracking, which is business as usual for publishing 😅🎉

Thanks so much to @mtbookco for checking it out in advance, I hope you enjoy!!


Nothing better than finding out the next book in a series is coming out soon-ish. In order to read #3 in The Divide Series I needed to refresh my memory on #2 and of course @librofm came through with the audiobook. Loved it. ❤️ Just started The Relentless Legion @jsdewes and I am hooked from the first chapter. Can’t wait for it to be on shelves November 12! ✨🚀✨Until then, if you haven’t read The Last Watch or The Exiled Fleet, or even Dewes’ standalone Rubicon, you know we have them. And as always, preorder The Relentless Legion today.


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