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SFF Addicts Podcast » Repost from @sffaddictspod

Coming Tuesday! 🙌🚀✨

#Repost from @sffaddictspod


SFF Addicts is back to its regularly scheduled programming!

After all the #TBRCon2022 craziness, we’re back with a new numbered episode! Ep. 13 drops on Tuesday Feb. 8, taking you to a galaxy far, far away as host @adrianmgibson discusses Space Ooopera with the talented trio of #AdrianTchaikovsky @jsdewes and @jnevair. Stay tuned 🎙🎧⏯

New episodes are available to stream/download on major podcast platforms, like @applepodcasts @spotify and more. They also drop on the same day in full video over at the FanFiAddict YouTube channel!




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