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Publishing Quest » The Last Watch Trade Review in Booklist / American Library Association

“The Last Watch is a bravura debut that blends great action with compelling characters.”

YAYYY, it’s another fantastic trade review for The Last Watch! Thank you, Booklist! 🚀✨⁠


"After two major interstellar wars with the Viator, from whom humanity gained the advanced technology to colonize planets and overthrow them, the System Collective established Sentinels at the very edge of the universe. The crews of these outposts are outcasts from the Legion, soldiers who failed the service in some way and were exiled to serve as the first line of alert in case the Viator somehow return. Their tale is told from two points of view. Adequin Rake was a Titan, a hero among heroes of the final conflict, who betrayed her last mission’s objective and now commands the Argus, a decommissioned battleship serving outpost duty. Cavalon Mercer is the heir to the man who holds great power in the SC. He arrives in disgrace and just as the Argus faces a threat greater than any return of a Viator Fleet. He also happens to be indispensable to how Rake faces that threat, no matter his lack of military training. The Last Watch is a bravura debut that blends great action with compelling characters, lighting up this new series like a dark matter generator."⁠

— Don Vicha⁠



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