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Publishing Quest » The Last Watch Starred Review from BookPage

Thrilled to share that The Last Watch has its second ⭐️starred⭐️ review!! Thank you, BookPage! 🎉

Link coming soon, but you can check out the full review text below!

The Last Watch is out





“J.S. Dewes’ The Last Watch is a high-energy thrill ride at the edge of space featuring a crew of miscreants racing against time aboard an ancient spaceship. A great concept with an even better execution, this is a sci-fi space opera for readers looking to dial up the excitement. The Argus, an ancient spacecraft parked at the rim of a vast, empty space anomaly known only as the Divide, serves as the last protection for humanity against the great unknown. The crew, made up of bottom-of-the-barrel military has-beens, would be content to serve out their time in relative peace. But when the Divide starts expanding, swallowing up the known galaxy, the crew of the Argus must find a way to stop it before the universe is completely engulfed. A strong, straightforward concept anchors a fun cast of characters that always seems to have a quip or a retort ready to go. I had a great time from cover to cover, and here’s some good news for anyone else who enjoys it: This is the first in a planned series, so get ready to return to the Divide in the near future. With its “Battlestar Galactica” meets “Game of Thrones” tone, The Last Watch is a delight.”

– BookPage, starred review


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