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Publishing Quest » 1 Week Until The Last Watch!

✨🚀 ONE WEEK! 🚀✨⁠

A mere SEVEN DAYS until The Last Watch arrives! *AUDIBLE GASP*⁠

Celebrating by re-sharing this AO3 tags post from forever ago, because I love it 🥰🙌⁠

Here’s a few ways to support TLW’s release!⁠

🚀 Pre-order: jsdewes.com/thelastwatch/macmillan

📖 Add to your Goodreads: jsdewes.com/thelastwatch/goodreads

🗣 Tell your friends! ⁠

📚 Request it at your local library! ⁠

📱 Like, share, comment, follow!⁠


🤔 ICYDK: AO3 tags are essentially fan fiction hashtags used on the site Archive of Our Own to categorize, give content warnings, and generally just be weird and funny while highlighting the tropes and niches in the story.⁠

In THE LAST WATCH you can expect some . . .⁠

✨ Time Dilation⁠

✨ Put-Upon Soldiers In Space⁠

✨ There’s No Protocol For This⁠

✨ Laws of Physics Need Not Apply⁠

✨ Gallows Humor All the Way Down⁠

✨ Hurt/Comfort (But Mostly Hurt If We’re Being Honest)⁠

✨ Really CREATIVE Flying⁠

✨ Platonic Soulmates⁠

✨ Trash Prince Cannot Adult⁠

✨ Geniuses Who Can Fix ANYTHING! Maybe! Hopefully!⁠

I have a huge soft spot for fan fiction, I think it’s an awesome training ground for new writers and a fantastic creative outlet for authors at every stage of their career! I wouldn't be here today without it. 💜 🎮 ✍️⁠

I can’t wait to share THE LAST WATCH with the world on April 20! 🚀✨⁠


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