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The Relentless Legion Cover Reveal!

Thrilled to share the cover for my next novel, THE RELENTLESS LEGION, out November 12 from Tor Books!


Also in ~widescreen~:

If you like…

✨ Space opera w/heart & explosions⁠

✨ Mass Effect/Battlestar Galactica/put-upon soldiers in space⁠

✨ Snarky geniuses getting shit done⁠

✨ Friendships forged in 🔥🔥🔥⁠

✨ Aliens! Tech! Physics trying to murder everyone!⁠

…then The Divide series is for you! 

The Last Watch & The Exiled Fleet are available now, and you can now preorder The Relentless Legion in all formats at your retailer of choice! 🚀📚💫

As always, I’d be eternally grateful for any support you can offer my fourth (🤯) novel!

» Preorder at your retailer of choice⁠!

» Request at your local library!

» Follow me @jsdewes on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

» Add TRL to your “Want to Read” on Goodreads⁠ or StoryGraph

» Likes & comments & shares!

Thank you all for your ongoing encouragement & support! 🥰🙏🔥

🎨 Cover by Peter Lutjen


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