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The Last Watch Audiobook is SO GREAT YOU GUYS

I was going to simply taunt you guys with the fact that I have the The Last Watch audiobook already, but instead I have to turn this into a RAVE! 🥳🎉🔥💯🤯

OMG you guys, Nicol Zanzarella and Andrew Eiden are geniuses and possibly also psychics who looked into my brain (socially distanced of course) and extracted how my characters sounded and then made it even better?! (I am beyond floored, seriously bravo you two, I couldn’t be happier!!! 😭💜)

BUT YEAH — you can get your hands/ears on the audiobook in just SIX days, pre-order available now! 🙌

brb, binging my own audiobook!

🎧 🎧 🎧


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