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Reading Quest » Rendezvous with Rama

You guys, I'm in love 🥰

For my birthday last week, my parents got me this amazing @FolioSociety hardcover of my favorite book, Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. 🚀 🪐 📖

I can’t get over these illustrations, it's like they plucked the art directly from my brain⁠. 😍 So much kudos to @mattgriffinillustrator⁠

Like most classic sci-fi, Rama has its share of problematic elements. But as one of my first introductions to the genre, those faults can't stop me from loving it. (Clarke’s works *tend* to be better than most in that regard, but alas.)

For me, Rama is the quintessential example of the BDO trope (Big Dumb Object) which I can pretty safely say is my all-time fave sci-fi trope. I will forever strive to fill my novels with BDOs. ✨ 🚀

➡️ What are your favorite genre tropes?


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