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Publishing Quest » Advanced Bound Manuscripts!

I 👏 GOT 👏 MY 👏A 👏B👏Ms👏

aka Advanced Bound Manuscripts!

It’s just a very basic, unformatted, uncorrected version of the manuscript (the approved final revision, but it hasn’t been through copyediting or proofreading or pass pages etc. yet), used by me, Agent, and Editor to solicit blurbs from other authors!

An e-book version will be available as well, but these are for me to take to events and give out! Or to just hold and squee over. I had no idea they were coming, (or that it’d be so exciting to see it printed and bound like this) so HAPPY FRIDAY TO ME!

There’ll be another version someday called an ARC, which will have the actual cover and all that good stuff (and hopefully, some of the blurbs we get from peddling these guys!)


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