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Publishing Quest » 2 Months Until The Last Watch!


Celebrating just 2 months until The Last Watch hits shelves with a few kind words from early readers! 🙌 I still can’t believe my baby’s off being read by strangers. I AM ALL THE EMOTIONS 🤯😳😅🙃🤗🥰


Image text:

“A home run. Compelling characters, intricate worldbuilding, and snappy dialogue makes this a new favorite sci-fi series for me.”

“Complex and compelling. I can’t wait to follow along at warp speed to see where we end up. Fabulous!”

“Ratchets from hazard to hazard; Dewes doesn’t hesitate to throw multiple issues at her characters without pause. It’s a breakneck, high speed blast.”

“Totally fun and immensely readable.”

– Reader Reviews



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