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The Last Watch » Repost from @What_Is_Melissa_Reading

Thanks so much to @what_is_melissa_reading for this wonderful review of The Last Watch! 🙌🚀🎉


Book Review: The Last Watch by J.S. Dewes

Genre: Science Fiction


The Last Watch is set at The Divide - the very edge of the universe - and features a group of misfit soldiers known as Sentinels that are posted along it. This group includes Adequin Rake, a highly decorated soldier who commands the SCS Argus with little help from her higher ups, and Cavalon Mercer, a royal heir banished to the Argus for blowing stuff up to defy his grandfather. When the universe begins to contract, and The Divide moves ever closer to Sentinel positions, it’s left to Rake and her crew to stop it.

The Last Watch is a fun ride, and my kind of Science Fiction. It has great characters (Rake is a kick-ass heroine whose struggles felt real), a narrative that is easy to follow (there is no hard science here), exciting action sequences,and moments of levity (usually courtesy of Cavalon). My only qualm with the novel, and it isn’t a major one, is that I would have liked to know a little bit more of the world(s) and society outside of The Divide.

I’m very much looking forward to continuing the series (duology?) in The Exiled Fleet.


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