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The Last Watch » Repost from @joshuas.space

Love this military sci-fi shout-out from @joshuas.space! Honored to see The Last Watch in such great company! 🥰🙌

#Repost from @joshuas.space


Do you like reading military science fiction?

It’s a genre I’ve recently been getting into. I find it very intriguing and do enjoy it, however, it can be a lot to swallow at times. (In my opinion) Military SciFi is a sub genre of SciFi where science fiction technology is used for weapons in the military.

Here are four of my favorite military science fiction novels I’ve read, in order of which I liked the most;

- The Last Watch by @jsdewes (5/5)

- Thrawn by Timothy Zahn (5/5)

- Stormblood by @jeremyszal (4/5)

- Artifact Space by Miles Cameron (4/5)

In my opinion Thrawn was the easiest read out of these. If your just starting with military SciFi I would recommend either The Last Watch or Thrawn, mainly because they aren’t as technical. If your use to more technical books then I would def recommend Stormblood & The Last Watch!

Artifact Space is the @anderidabooks edition / Stormblood is the @goldsborobooks edition


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