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The Last Watch » Goodreads' Most Popular New Sci-Fi Novels

Wow, so apparently it is/was Sci-Fi & Fantasy Week over at Goodreads! Super excited to see The Last Watch in such amazing company! 🤩

“Among Goodreads' 125 million members, these are the most popular new sci-fi novels published so far this year. What do we mean by popular? These novels have garnered both the most Want to Read adds and the most reviews on the site.”

like W H A T 😱

I’m so grateful to everyone who’s added, read, reviewed, and/or rated The Last Watch the last three months! I’m thrilled to see so many readers continuing to discover it, I’m seriously on cloud nine over here! 💜

Click here to view the full list of amazing titles! And while you’re there, check out the sci-fi subgenre guide “Explore 60 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories by Subgenres” with The Last Watch in the Space Opera category, casually hanging out next to Arkady Martine & Christopher Paolini. 😅


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