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The Last Watch Audiobook Clip

🎧 Oooo, check out this great clip from Chapter 1 of The Last Watch! 🎧


It’s here! It’s here!

I had such a blast recording this with @andreweiden ! And he sounds AMAZING in this clip!

The whole time I was prepping and recording it was like @jsdewes had us in the same room together. I felt like I was hanging out with Andrew who just WAS Cavalon.

Thank you @pjochlan #LeptonProductions, and @macmillan.audio for bringing us together to voice this STUNNING DEBUT from J.S. Dewes!!!

(ID: Book cover that features the blackness of deep space lit with stars. A title: THE LAST WATCH sits towards the top in white letters. Underneath is an image of long spaceship that looks like it is crashing into a beam of blue light- beyond which you see the splinters of what was once the front of the ship floating through space. “They are Humanity’s Last Chance” by J.S. Dewes)


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