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The Exiled Fleet » Repost from @ what_is_melissa_reading

Happy Monday! 🥰

Having a pretty great start to my week waking up to this wonderful review of The Exiled Fleet!

Thank you to @what_is_melissa_reading for the kind words! 🙌🚀💫

#Repost from @what_is_melissa_reading


Book Review: The Exiled Fleet by J.S. Dewes (The Divide, book 2)

Genre: Science Fiction


The Exiled Fleet, book two of J.S. Dewes’ The Divide series, is one heck of an exhilarating thrill ride through space. With this book, The Divide series is now firmly entrenched on my list of favourite series, and this book is now front runner for my favourite read of the year.

The Exiled Fleet is fast-paced, and has an engaging storyline. The story itself is a winner, but what makes this novel (and series) special is it’s cast of characters. Our favourites from The Last Watch (Rake, Cavalon, Jackin, Puck, Emery, Mesa) are all back, and they are joined here by an engaging cast of new characters. These characters believe in each other, which makes the reader believe in them, too. Plus, when the characters find themselves in not so serious situations the banter between them is great fun. I firmly believe that one of the marks of a great writer is someone who can get their readers to emotionally invest in their characters. This is an area in which Dewes excels, as I’ve grown very attached to all of her characters, even secondary ones.

While The Divide is classified as Science Fiction, I strongly believe this series would appeal to a broad audience. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a story with adventure, camaraderie, good v. evil, and characters who you can’t help but cheer for.

I can’t wait to see where Dewes takes her characters next!


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