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Rubicon » Review from @mjkuhnbooks

YAY! So grateful for these very kind words on Rubicon from the amazing @mjkuhnbooks! Huge thank you for reading & reviewing! 🥰🙌

#Repost from @mjkuhnbooks



So grateful for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book, and I can confidently say... Dewes has done it again!

Rubicon is a well-crafted, character-driven military sci-fi tale with heart-pounding action, nail-biting tension, and one of the most fascinating premises I've seen in a while.

Even though the entire point of the premise is that characters can't "truly" die (given the nature of "rezoning," where people who die are essentially respawned in a new cloned form), Dewes manages to create incredibly high stakes on both a personal and a galaxy-wide level. And she does it all with the accessible, conversational, and highly entertaining voice that I loved so much from her in THE DIVIDE series.

Would absolutely recommend you guys pick this one up when it's out later this year!!


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