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Rubicon AO3 Tags!

In the grand tradition of old (i.e. 2021 lol), I present to thee an assortment of AO3 tags for the forthcoming science fiction escapade, Rubicon! 🎉

This time we’ve got…

✨ Snarky AI

✨ How to Human

✨ Squad Rivalries

✨ Socially Awkward Protagonist

✨ Bureaucratic Negligence

✨ Dying Star

✨ Big Mad Robots

✨ Secret Missions

✨ Your Spirit and My Voice

✨ Existential Anxiety

✨ Stand and Watch it Burn

✨ Ancient Ruins, Ancient Black Sites, Ancient REDACTED

✨ Chronic Angst

🤔 ICYDK: “AO3 tags” are fan fiction hashtags used on the Archive of Our Own to categorize, give content warnings, and generally just be weird and funny while highlighting the tropes and niches in the story.

I have a huge soft spot for fan fiction. I think it’s an amazing training ground for new writers & a fantastic creative outlet for authors at every stage of their career! I wouldn't be here today without it. 💜 🎮 ✍️

(And if you missed them, here's the links to the AO3 posts for The Last Watch and The Exiled Fleet!)

I can’t wait to share Rubicon with you all on March 28! 🚀✨⁠

I would so appreciate if you would consider…

📖 Adding to your Goodreads!

🗣 Telling your friends!

📚 Requesting it at your local library!

📱 Liking, sharing, commenting, etc!


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