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1 Week Until The Exiled Fleet!

✨🚀 ONE WEEK! 🚀✨⁠⁠


SEVEN DAYS until The Exiled Fleet arrives WHAT!⁠⁠


Celebrating by recreating my TLW AO3 tags post but for TEF! 🥰🙌⁠⁠


Here’s a few ways you can help support TEF’s release!⁠⁠

🚀 Pre-order!⁠⁠

📖 Add to your Goodreads?⁠⁠

🗣 Tell your friends!⁠⁠

📚 Request it at your local library!⁠⁠

📱 Like, share, comment, follow!⁠⁠


🤔 ICYDK: AO3 tags are essentially fan fiction hashtags used on the site Archive of Our Own to categorize, give content warnings, and generally just be weird and funny while highlighting the tropes and niches in the story.⁠⁠


In THE EXILED FLEET you can expect some . . .⁠⁠


✨ There’s (Still) No Protocol For This⁠⁠

⁠✨ Mysterious Pasts Brought to Light⁠⁠

✨ Annoyingly Helpful AI⁠⁠


✨ Holy Plot Twists Batman⁠⁠

✨ Flourishing Codependency⁠⁠

✨ Hands & Feet Inside the Vehicle at All Times⁠⁠

✨ Trash Prince Can ~Kinda~ Adult⁠⁠

✨ Rampant Platonic Love!⁠⁠


✨ Traumatic Childhoods All-around⁠⁠


I can’t wait to share THE EXILED FLEET with you all on August 17! 🚀




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