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Publishing Quest » The Last Watch Bookseller Review, Raccoon Awards

So grateful for this amazing bookseller review of The Last Watch! 🙌📚

Delivering the science in an “approachable” way was one of the ONLY goals I had when I started the first draft back in 2016. I “discovery-wrote” the entire thing, and knew basically nothing about the plot, but I always knew I wanted to keep the science clear and accessible while still conveying lots of big crazy concepts packed in with all the usual fun sci-fi tropes and sense of adventure. 🚀✨

So TL;DR: whenever a reader mentions the science, I get all the warm fuzzies! 🥰 (I did something right?! Maybe I’m not a complete fraud?! You know, all the usual writer anxiety spirals.)

Don’t get me wrong, The Last Watch is sci-fi to its molten core, but if you’re wary of the genre (or know someone who is!) it might make for a not-too-overwhelming introduction! 😁🤓

The Last Watch is out April 20th from Tor Books!


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“There’s so much awesome conceptual science in this book BUT IT’S ACTUALLY EASY TO FOLLOW WHEN YOU’RE READING, OK? This would make an incredible introductory sci-fi for people who want to try out the genre.”

– Bookseller Review



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