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Publishing Quest » The Last Watch, BookBub 14 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy coming in 2021

😱 Thrilled to see The Last Watch on BookBub’s 14 best science fiction and fantasy books coming in 2021! 🎉⁠

“Brilliant aristocratic terrorist” is my favorite description of Cavalon so far, lmao 🤣

This is some intimidating company to be in! 😅 Congrats to fellow debut H.M. Long and her fantastic Viking-inspired fantasy HALL OF SMOKE!

The Last Watch is hitting shelves April 20th and is available for pre-order & early review on NetGalley & Edelweiss now!


Full text:

“When it comes to space opera, the words you want to hear when people describe the story include “epic,” “gripping,” or “amazing” — all of which have been used to describe Dewes’s debut. The Divide is the edge of the universe, the end of reality — and it’s collapsing. As it does, everything gets destroyed. The only person in any position to do anything about it is Adequin Rake, commander of the Argus. But her crew is made up of soldiers recruited from the bottom rungs of the military, and she has no resources aside from a brilliant aristocratic terrorist. In other words, an impossible task and a spaceship filled with wild cards combine for a fantastic read.”



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