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Publishing Quest » Copyedits for The Exiled Fleet

Copyedits have arrived in my inbox for THE EXILED FLEET! This is book #2 in The Divide series, and the sequel to my debut THE LAST WATCH. 🚀✨

To my surprise, that “Also by” page really got to me… 😭 Hopefully that list will be really long someday! 🥰

This sucker is due already on 1/20 so I’ll be very busy the next few weeks, as I kiiiinda wanna finish the rewrite I’m working on in my WIP before I switch modes to copyedit brain. Wish me luck. 😅

Luckily, I skimmed the document and the edits are all very light! Apparently the copyeditor said it was “super, super clean” which I didn’t see coming AT ALL. I was prepared for it to be far worse than book #1, but it looks like I lucked out!

(That said, I also have…*checks notes*…SEVEN pages of changes I’ve collected over the months, simply from skimming it while working on the outline for book 3. So there’ll be plenty to do haha.)

The CE also said it was “amazing and riveting” and I’m going to say that counts as my first review!!! 🤣

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