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Writing Quest » #NostalgiaFridays - The Black Notebook

It’s time for #NostalgiaFridays weeeeee

Today we have the infamous (to me at least) Black Notebook which has been around since the first words of the rough draft of The Last Watch, and continues to be my go-to for research, sketching maps, working through issues, editor notes, and so on for all of The Divide series. 🚀✨

And apologies, but it’s chock-full of spoilers, so limited views only & lots of blurring 🙃

  1. Chaos notes + secret map

  2. An example of how my brain sees math

  3. I honestly don’t even know what I was doing here


  5. First brainstorming effort for new titles after first chat with editor (you’ll see the one that stuck on the left!)

  6. Cover! Black! Water proof!


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