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Book Recs from Barnes & Noble Little Rock!

Yay!! Thanks so much to @bnlittlerock for spotlighting The Divide & Rubicon! 🤩🥰


Looking for your next science fiction space opera? Our bookseller Brooke recommends J. S. Dewes, author of The Divide Series and Rubicon. 🚀💥🤖

The Last Watch, the first book in The Divide Series, details what it would be like to command a ship of misfit soldiers at the edge of the universe, deal with an unruly ex-royal, and attempt to figure out a way to stop the universe from collapsing. 🌌

Rubicon follows a soldier who would like nothing more than to die, but can’t because of technology that allows her to respawn. When she gets roped into illegal experiments, including getting a sentient AI inserted into her head, she has to find a way to stop a hive mind of robots for an enemy and stop the illegal experimenter from unleashing an evil greater than anything she has ever known. 🤖

While you’re at it, the third book of The Divide Series, The Relentless Legion, comes out November 12th, so call or stop by to preorder yours now!!


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