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The Last Watch » Screen Rant, 10 Best Books Like Foundation That Fans Will Enjoy

Wowza, this is some truly epic company to be in! 🤩 Thanks to Screen Rant for including The Last Watch! 🎉

I’ve really been enjoying the Foundation TV series, & I’m beyond honored to see TLW alongside some of my all-time favorite SF stories. 🙌

“J.S. Dewes has quickly become one of the most exciting new voices in science fiction with the publication of The Last Watch, which focuses on a group of ragtag soldiers as they attempt to prevent nothing less than the collapse of civilization itself. Like Foundation, this novel poses the question: how much agency do individual people have over the seemingly inevitable collapse of everything that they've ever known or thought they believed in? And, as with the best science fiction, the question isn't always easily answered.”


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