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The Last Watch » Repost from @voidcricket


Today the #2022debuts@debutauthors are sharing the top 3 books on our TBR pile!

There are just so many incredible books I need to read this summer. Here are three at the absolute top of my pile:

💫BENEATH THE RISING by Premee Mohamed

I was sold on this as soon as I read the words "eldritch horrors from outside spacetime," but that eyecatching minimalist cover grabs me every time.

💫THE LAST WATCH by @jsdewes

I'm told there’s going to be a lot of banter in this, of the snarky variety. And space-based shenanigans. The Night's Watch, but in the far reaches of space? Yes, please!


I've had this sequel since the day it came out, & I've kept saving it for a quiet day when I can really sink into the incredible prose and worldbuilding.

💫Bonus: my current read on my Kobo, THE CHOSEN AND THE BEAUTIFUL by @nghivowriting, a queer magical Gatsby retelling! I'm only a few chapters in so far, but it is lush.





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