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The Last Watch » Repost from @bokelskerinnen

What a stack to be in! 🤩 Honored & intimidated—thank you @bokelskerinnen, I hope you enjoy The Last Watch!!


Do you ever branch out? 🤔 I mostly read crime, mysteries and thrillers. My boyfriend, who loves science fiction, have encouraged me to read more sci-fi novels.🪐 I started with «Old Man’s War» by John Scalzi. After finishing that one, I bought these. The first four books were recommended by my boyfriend.

📓John Scalzi: «The Ghost Brigades».

The sequel to «Old Man’s War», a military sci-fi novel currently being adapted into a feature film by Netflix.

📓Vernor Vinge: «A Fire Upon The Deep».

A classic and an epic space opera from 1992. Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

📓Arthur C. Clarke: «Rendezvous With Rama».

Another classic and a hard sci-fi. First published in 1973.

📓Cixin Liu: «The Three Body Problem».

The first in a trilogy from one of China’s most known sci-fi authors. Netflix is currently adapting the trilogy.

📓Martha Wells: «All Systems Red».

A novella and the first installment in The Murderbot Diaries-series. Being a short story with many great reviews and awards, I could not resist.

📓J.S Dewes: «The Last Watch».

The first book in The Divide series, and a space opera debut. Picked as an Amazon Best Book of the Month in April this year. The sequel came out this month, and have also gotten rave reviews.

Which one of these would you read first? ❓ I will probably spend some time getting through them all, as I have many crime fiction books on my reading list. I am leaning towards picking up Martha Wells’ novel first. 🙂


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