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The Last Watch » Reader Review [Repost from @readerofthewrittenword]


🎧Audiobook & Book Review🎧

The Last Watch by J.S. Dewes

Pub Date: April 20th

The Universe is collapsing … what do you do?

Hopefully, if this ever happens IRL, I’ll have the Argus’s motley crew of criminal misfits around to save my ass. The Sentinels are basically the dregs of society who’ve ended up on the Argus, surfing the Divide with the job of keeping the universe’s border safe, when things start to go south, well this, my friends, is when things get interesting.

First off, I want to point out that Dewes has written one of the best SFF books I’ve read in a long time. It is both strongly plot driven and strongly character driven, that makes this an absolute gem in my eyes. The characters are all so well written and emotive; humorous, real, flawed but my favorite is the main character - Adequin Rake.

She is quite literally one of the most badass leads, she is wholly unique and respected by all – with good reason. I’m going to refrain from gushing about the entire crew but suffice to say I fell in love with them all.

The plot is exciting, action-packed, dramatic, terrifying, tense and grabbed me right by my heart! There’s so much to love about this book. If you enjoy SFF at all, do yourself a favor and read or listen to this! If you’ve never read this genre before, The Last Watch is a great book to start with.

🎧Narration: Andrew Eidon and Nicol Zanzarella narrated The Last Watch and they are phenomenal. Each with a unique tone that is affecting and melodic; carrying a perfect rhythm that invited me into the story and kept me invested.

Bring on the next book, please!

My thanks to @Macmillan.Audio & @TorBooks for gifting me an ALC and a physical copy of this stellar SFF.


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