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The Exiled Fleet » "Fleet of the Damned" Out Today in Czech!


I’m dying, nay dead, this made my day 🤣🤣⁠

Happy book birthday to THE EXILED FLEET aka FLEET OF THE DAMNED, out now in Czech, book 2 in the Interface series!⁠

📸 photo credit @knihydobrovsky



JS Dewes continues her fast-paced action adventure sci-fi series Interface with the next installment, Fleet of the Damned. And the survivors of the Watch at the End of the Universe continue to refuse to die.⁠

Adequin Rake and her people narrowly escape the collapsing edge of space. They have gathered a few more survivors, but their ancient ship, devoid of any usable engines, is floating in the void, and the rangers are in imminent danger of starvation.⁠

It's up to Cavalon, the exiled heir to the throne, a sarcastic jerk suffering from an existential crisis, and a genius engineer to save them all. And Rake must put together a team tasked with finding the exotic material needed to fly back to the civilized part of space.⁠

However, they will have to escape from a ruthless enemy and they will need new allies to do so.⁠

And some of them won't survive.


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