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Tactical Bujo » November Goals

🍁 November Goals Time! 🍁⁠

October Recap:⁠

✅ Audiobook pronunciation & accents guide⁠

🟡 AMM mentee pages (Ch 1-3 only)⁠

🟡 Read 2 betas for CPs & 1 ARC⁠ (Started only)⁠

✅ Prep for TheDebBall Instagram takeover & interview⁠

✅ Promo graphics for takeover and ARC giveaway⁠

⛔️ Lead gen short story draft⁠

🟡 Rubicon Revisions⁠ (Started only)⁠

Bonus Goal: ✅ Started new outline⁠

(I existed in a complete fugue state in October, and I am *shocked* I got as much done as I did, I honestly don't remember half of it.)⁠

November Goals:⁠

→ Finish RUBICON Revisions⁠

→ Work on [REDACTED] Outline⁠

→ THE EXILED FLEET Copyedits? Maybe?⁠

→ AMM Mentee Chapters 4-6⁠

→ Read 2 ARCs⁠

→ Read 1 Book⁠

What are your November goals??⁠


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