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Tactical Bujo » May Goals

It’s May! Apparently!⁠ 🌧 April Recap 🌳⁠ ✅ TLW #2 developmental edits⁠ I’ve only had these back from my editor for about two weeks, but I’ve been working steadily! Good news is there’s only a couple “bigger” things to address, and the rest is very contained. Most important: structurally it’s safe, which is always my biggest concern. Deadline is June 29th!⁠ ❎ Rubicon revisions⁠ I got some work done, but as soon as my dev edits came back, I had to set it aside, yet again. Some day, Rubi, I will finish editing you!⁠ ✅🚫 Stay home & read!⁠ I did stay home! I did not read!⁠ ⁠🌷 May Goals ☀️⁠ → TLW #2 developmental edits⁠ → Read one book⁠ In the comments, please let me know how it’s May already. 🙃💜⁠


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