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Tactical Bujo » June Goals

And just like that, it’s June.⁠

First of all, I just want to say I hope you're all staying safe, and I want to express my solidarity with everyone who’s marching and protesting. Black Lives Matter. Please support black voices, stories, and other works, and donate if you’re able. Stay strong out there! ❤️⁠

⁠🌷 May Recap ☀️⁠

✅ TLW#2 developmental edits⁠

Going well! Deadline is June 29th! Gonna make it!⁠

🚫 Read one book⁠

I started reading at least 3 books, if that counts?⁠

Bonus goals:⁠

✅ Website Update⁠

I did a full design update on my website, switching from a purple color theme to blues and oranges, and swapping out all the fonts, to match [REDACTED]. Maybe you can guess why. 📚😄 ⁠


✅ SFWA Volunteer⁠

Did some video editing for the Nebulas awards ceremony, was super happy to get involved and meet some new writerly people!⁠

✅ SFWA Nebula Conference⁠

The conference was a blast, I learned a ton and still have a bunch of recorded panels I want to catch up on, after revisions are finished, of course! 🚀💡⁠

✅ Marketing/Promo Planning⁠

I’ve started organizing a content calendar so I can plan out promotion stuff, once the ball gets rolling later this year. (In theory ARCs will be available in the fall, so my plan is to start promotion around that time.)⁠


☀️ June Goals 🌳⁠

→ TLW#2 developmental edits, due June 29⁠

→ Promo brainstorm⁠

→ Read one book⁠

What are your June goals? ⁠


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