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Tactical Bujo » July Goals

i'm so tired you guys


✅ TLW #2 developmental edits, due June 29⁠⠀

✅ Promo brainstorm⁠⠀

👎 Read one book⁠


→ Chill out for 10 seconds

→ Promo brainstorm⁠⠀

→ But mostly chill out tho

I worked liiiike 36 hours over last weekend finishing up revisions and my brain is literal mush. I've paused to remember basic words no fewer than 15 times today and I'm at about 500% higher capacity than I was on Monday which feels like 14 years ago. I've considered counting up the hours I spent on this revision (I track my time in my planner) but I'm honestly scared of what the number will be.

So, I'm officially taking a break until revisions come back from Editor, could be 2 weeks, could be a month, could be longer (please Editor, let it be at least a month), just going to video game and watch YouTube an lay staring into the middle-distance, as we so often do here in 2020.

Stay safe friends.


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