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Six Months Since The Last Watch Release!

The Last Watch is six months old today?! They grow up so fast! 🎂😭💜

April feels like it was at once yesterday, and 14 years ago. Time is weird these days huh? [Insert time dilation joke.]

These pics represent only a handful of the amazing images I’ve been tagged in over the last six months! I’m so beyond humbled every day by the incredible response to this book.

Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart—every reader, reviewer, blogger, fellow author, and enthusiastic cheerleader who has helped spread the word about The Divide series! All your amazing support & the kind messages fuel my author heart!! 🥰🥰🥰

Though The Exiled Fleet (book # 2!) is still a youngling at just two months old (August feels like an actual millennium ago 😅), I gotta say, I can’t wait to share the third installment with you all in 2023! I wrote the first three chapters a while back & MAN IT’S GONNA BE SUPER FUN 🚀💥💥

(Don’t forget, there’s more Divide-related fun to be had over on my Patreon—side character short stories, graphics, bonus content, Discord server & more! JOIN US WE’RE ALL COMPLETELY NORMAL I SWEAR 🥸)


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