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Rubicon » "Insanely Cool Sci-Fi" Review from @fullibooked

Cheers to @fullibooked for these kind words on Rubicon! 🥰🙌🔥

I always feel weird thanking readers for sharing in the pain I created 😅 but it’s appreciated (and cathartic!) nonetheless 😇💙🫠


I told @stefensbooks that I adored The Blighted Stars by Megan E. O’Keefe.

“Read Rubicon” he said.

“It’s a different take on the same kind of body printing tech.” he said

“You’ll love it” he said.

Mhm yeah, well now I’m screaming about the final chapter of Rubicon and I will never stop screaming, because WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT’S THE END?!?!?!

Rubicon by J.S. Dewes is about Segeant Adriene Valero. She’s a soldier in the 803rd. One of the pathfinders. She spends her days following orders, following pathways, and hoping not to run into another reason to get zeroed out, and wake up in yet another husk. She’s already done so ninety-five odd times. Dying is getting old.

When she is moved up, or at least sideways, to the 505th squad, she’s been through the most deaths of any of her new comrades. She’s a perfect fit for the cutting-edge virtual intelligence chip they’ve implanted into her brain. She may finally see the turn of the tide in the war against the terrifying, intelligent machines. But when her VI becomes something far closer to AI, Valero’s view of the universe, and the war, may be shifted forever.

It may be her chance to be free of the traumatic undying loop she’s been in for 96 deaths. It may even be her chance to try living.

This is an insanely cool sci-fi. The trauma is intense, the Mechan enemies are horrifying, the husks and deaths and zeroing is wild. And Rubicon itself. I have so many thoughts and feelings and all of them are spoilery so I shall just go “AAAAH” instead. I need a book two so desperately because Dewes, seriously, you cannot leave me like this!! I’m furious, I’m sweating, I’m so excited for more of this story. Please tell me there is more of this story….


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