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Rubicon $6.99 Audible Sale

Sale! The Rubicon audiobook is just $6.99 for Audible Premium Plus Members now through 3/28. Narrated by 2024 Audie Award Winner @eunicewongnarration!! 🎉

“Eunice Wong smoothly differentiates a diverse cast in this edgy military thriller. Soldier Adriene Valero feels numbed by life but gets an unexpected second chance to feel alive. Make that a 97th chance—because she’s been rebooted 96 times. Wong captures Adriene’s transformation when she’s given cutting-edge virtual intelligence and transferred to a Special Forces unit. Wong projects Adriene’s shock when she finds herself at the forefront of a battle against intelligent machines. As Adriene finds herself caught up in a madman’s conspiracy, Wong capably animates the characters who surround her. What results is a fast-paced adventure.” – @audiofilemagazine


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