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Reading Quest » The Brass Queen by Elizabeth Chatsworth


I’m so thrilled to have received an ARC of THE BRASS QUEEN by Elizabeth Chatsworth, out January 12th!

If you want to kick 2021 off with a hearty dose of fantasy shenanigans, go preorder this joyous romp today—your future-self will be eternally grateful!

While hosting a (literally) disastrous party, British aristocrat Constance Haltwhistle meets rough-around-the-edges Kansas cowboy-turned-spy J.F. Trusdale. It’s the definition of “oil on water” as the two are forced into a partnership neither (thinks they) want. Then it’s one entertaining disaster after another as they struggle against invisible bad guys, and their own clashing personalities.

Constance is a breath of fiery-fresh air who gives no ground and takes no shit. I’ve never read a character like her in my life, and I can’t tell you how refreshing (and fascinating) it was to watch her navigate the hectic events that unfold.

THE BRASS QUEEN is packed to the gills with exquisite details that immerse you in this steam-powered, alternate-history Victorian England. Between the terrifically rendered action scenes and endless hilarious banter between the two main characters, this book is the definition of a page-turner!

THE BRASS QUEEN is out January 12th, available for pre-order now! Make sure you follow @ElizabethChatsworth for updates! 🎩⚙️🤠


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