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Reading Quest » Hall of Smoke by H. M. Long


I had the immense privilege of reading an eARC of Hall of Smoke by H.M. Long, and oh man, it did not disappoint!

I loved every minute I spent following Hessa’s journey. I found myself particularly drawn to the blur between mortal and divine, and how the supernatural and natural elements interact is fascinating. The slow burn through the first half is utterly engrossing, rooting you into the richly complex world. But clear your schedule, because when things take off they TAKE OFF, and you’ll be gripped to the page till the very end!

I'm going to have to listicle most of this because I can’t contain myself with complete sentences:

⚔️ A wild journey across diverse lands

⚔️ Tough as hell heroine

⚔️ Scary, mysterious supernatural entities & powerful gods

⚔️ Atmospheric AF

⚔️ Kick-ass warrior priestesses

⚔️ Existential crises abound

🧔🏽 Plenty enough beards to keep a weirdo like me happy

⚔️ *chef’s kiss* those descriptions, hot damn

⚔️ EPIC stakes

If you love Skyrim, The Last Kingdom, God of War, or just want more beautifully crafted, refreshing takes on Viking-inspired fantasy, you’ll love this book!

HALL OF SMOKE will be out January 19, 2021 from Titan Books!


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