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The Last Watch » Reader Review [Repost from @erynlasbelin]

#Repost from @erynlasbelin on Instagram - Thank you for this wonderful review of The Last Watch! 🙌


Adequin Rake, former Titan, is now the no-nonsense commander of the SCS Argus. Her ship is crewed by Sentinels, military criminals stationed at the edge of the universe to guard against the (presumed nonexistent) Viator threat. Scrupulous & highly respected, Rake is increasingly aware of how little interest the Legion has in protecting the Sentinels.

Cavalon Mercer, royal heir, has been exiled because of his violent rejection of his grandfather’s nefarious plot. Directionless & troubled, he has been shipped off to a place where he can no longer interfere. At the Divide, he finds himself with a chance to put his education to good use & cut the shit.

A series of impossible events - time ripples, gravitational pulses, & sparks in the void - reveals that the universe is collapsing in on itself. Stranded with no comms, Rake & her crew are the only ones left to stop it. But what do these soldiers, the dregs of the military, know about gravitational tempology?

#TheLastWatch strikes the perfect balance between character-driven & plot-driven storytelling. We come to know and love the crew of the SGL, including:

  • Jackin North, Rake’s brilliant second-in-command, whose prestigious career is mired in secrecy: why was the CNO of the First sent to the Divide?

  • Griffith Bach, one of the most lauded spec ops soldiers of his time, who will break your heart;

  • Amaeus Puck, Cavalon’s easy-going & whip-smart CO who has a talent for hacking;

  • Emery Flos, a spunky teen pickpocket with an inexplicable lifetime supply of chewing gum;

  • & Mesa Darox, an ethereal Savant - a human-Viator genetic crossover - with an encyclopedic mind & a passion for research.

Mysteries unfold: How can the Divide truly recede? What really happened in the Viator Resurgence War? What are the Drudgers - a brutish human-Viator crossover - building in secret? What transgression is Rake desperately trying to compensate for? & why has Legion command abandoned the Sentinels?

Whether you’re looking for science-y sci-fi, compelling characters, or just a few space battles, this is the book for you. With a first entry as awesome as this one, I'm already anticipating that this will be a new favorite series.


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