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Publishing Quest » ICYMI The Last Watch Cover Reveal

ICYMI, the cover for my debut The Last Watch was revealed yesterday! And it’s beautiful!⁠

Here’s my quote from the article:⁠

"The second my brilliant editor, Jen Gunnels, suggested featuring this scene on the cover, I very professionally said, “That sounds perfect, thank you,” then hung up and screamed excitedly about it to my family and friends.⁠

Asking for a depiction of utter annihilation from space and time at the edge of the universe is a pretty big ask, but designer Peter Lutjen…well…annihilated it. Between the contrasting colors, gradient of stars, and surreal depiction of unraveling matter, this cover perfectly evokes the scope and existential chaos of the setting.⁠

Also, it looks like a disaster movie poster which is, objectively, the best kind of movie, and my inner kid is geeking out. (Okay fine my outer adult is too.) I’m more excited than ever to share The Last Watch with the world in April!"⁠


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