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Gen Con 2019


For those just tuning in, Gen Con is the, ahem, “Best Four Days in Gaming,” and it’s no lie. It drowns you in dice and RPGs and tabletop games and general geekery and it’s consistently my favorite four days of the year. 🙌

This will be hubs and my ninth year of attendance, also the ninth year our weird zombie musical comedy will screen at the Gen Con Film Festival. 🧟‍♀️❤️🧟‍♂️ 

Also, weirdly, because the universe loves coincidence, this will be my editor’s first year attending Gen Con! She’ll be sitting on some panels for the awesome writer’s symposium they put on as part of the festivities. It’s like a bonus con within a con!

There’s quite a few panels I’m really looking forward to—writing tie-in fiction, creating an author business plan, networking as an author, what to expect post-publication, etc. There’s a ton more, but only so much time! 😫

What are your favorite conventions, writerly or otherwise? 🤔


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