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BookPage Review for The Exiled Fleet

Thanks so much to @ReadBookPage for this fantastic review of THE EXILED FLEET!

So many great quotes, but I’ll pull a few lines that don’t spoil anything for the first book:

“One of the best parts about THE LAST WATCH was how a cobbled-together, rag-tag assemblage of characters and technology still eked out a victory. I’m happy to report that the same white-knuckle, skin-of-their-teeth excitement is here from the very first page.” “FLEET does a superlative job of expanding on everything that was interesting in Dewes’ debut—and this book is even more engaging and often, more personal. As Rake and her crew search for solutions, Dewes explores more of her complex universe and reveals more about the characters’ pasts.”

Read the full review here! (⚠️ Minor spoilers for The Last Watch, but totally safe for TEF)


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