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Book Recs for the Crew of Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Last Watch is in some epic company in this list of book recs for the Guardians crew! 🚀🎧🤘

via Twitter… “Yondu should read The Last Watch by @jsdewes … Because it involves a crew made up of members that no one else wanted”

I knew Yondu was my favorite for a reason! 😆


Are you ready for the new @guardiansofthegalaxy out tomorrow? We've got books we think each character should read -- click our #linkinbio for the full list! Which Guardians character is your fav?

[ID: Slide 1: A photo of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters on a multicolor background with the title "Guardians characters -- Book Pairings"

Slide 2: Peter Quill with the cover of A BIG SHIP AT THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE

Slide 3: Gamora with the cover of A PALE LIGHT IN THE BLACK

Slide 4: Drax with the cover of ANCILLARY JUSTICE

Slide 5: Rocket with the cover of DANCING WITH THE DEVIL

Slide 6: Groot with the cover of THE TWO TOWERS

Slide 7: Neubla with the cover of THE ONES WE'RE MEANT TO FIND

Slide 8: Yondu with the cover of THE LAST WATCH

Slide 9: Kraglin with the cover of THE VANISHED BIRDS

Slide 10: Mantis with the cover of PARABLE OF THE SOWER]


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