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2019 SFWA Nebula Conference Incoming

SFWA Nebula Conference incoming! L-minus five days! I’m not panicking! 😅

As a max-level introvert, I’m a bit nervous about all the forthcoming socializing. Howeverrrrr, since it’s my first publishing-related event, I’m *also* super excited to meet industry folks while soaking up some career-related wisdom at the great panels I’ve got on the agenda! 📖✍

I’m also feeling grateful for the mentorship program, where they pair newcomers with an established writer who’s volunteered their time to show newbies like me the ropes. 🙌

I still have lots of laundry and planning and packing (and unpacking from NYC still yikes) to do, so thank goodness I have a free weekend. 🧺🧳 Though I’m also going to squeeze in some yard work, The Last Watch #2 notes/outline organization, and some general relaxing/being lazy.

Definitely let me know if you’ll be attending! Or if you’ve attended in the past and have advice! Or if you have other conferences/events you would recommend!


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