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Writing Quest » Revisions, Round 2: Fight!

Aaand my second round of revisions have been sent to Editor! *long, heavy sigh of relief* 😅

It took me ~ a week longer than I thought because…

1. I’m still really bad at gauging the time required for edits ⏳

2. Once I was “done” I realized listening to the whole thing through would be a good idea 🔊

And boy was I right. Not only did I catch a bunch of stupid SPAG* errors and repeated words/phrases, but I caught a lot of flow issues, awkward phrasing, and things that felt out of place (b/c they were added “in a void.”)

That’s one issue I’m still struggling to figure out with revisions—where you go to the spot you need to adjust, scroll up a ways and read through it, then make the change. Yet when you come back later, it feels like some random Shadow Author dropped in some words with no context whatsoever??

I think most of it is just patience (which I definitely struggle with) and making sure to take the time to read back even farther before making the change. 😞

This isn’t the first time I’ve listened to this book, but the last time I did was probably two years ago. It’s been edited with my agent and now twice with my editor since, so I’m glad I remembered before I sent this version off!

Have you ever tried listening to your work? 🎧📝

If not, I can’t recommend it enough, it’s truly eye-opening! Even during the drafting phase, when I’ve been struggling and can’t figure out what’s wrong with a certain story element. Listening through (even just a few chapters at a time) can really help put a new perspective on it. (Much like changing the font/format of your text!)

(For the record: I use the Voice Dream app!)

*SPAG = SPelling And Grammar


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