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Welcome to Rubicon

(Sound on 🔈for full effect!)

// Welcome to Rubicon. //

(That’ll make sense once you’ve read the book 😁)

I realized I never introduced you all to my next book!

That’s right, Rubicon is coming 2023 from Tor Books & will (in theory) arrive *before* the next Divide book!

Deal Announcement Says: “Old Man’s War meets Edge of Tomorrow but with robots & existential anxiety.” (Though to be clear, there’s no time travel)

I Say: This book is my (platonic) love letter to SAM from Andromeda mixed w/a love of fun video game mechanics that make you feel POWERFUL backed by a lot of Ruelle & a dash of Phantom of the Opera all built on a scaffolding of military sci-fi & no I’m not kidding.😅 It’s a lot. But it’s great & I’m super proud of it.

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If you enjoy the Divide series, you can expect another strong female lead, complex characters, intense relationships, “pew pew pews” & punching, squad banter, etc. Just w/a little more introspection & a lot more existential anxiety 🙃

⬆️ Some Rubicon aesthetics! (If you scroll way back in my Instagram feed or visit my Pinterest, there’s many more.)

When I added Rubicon to my list of pitches, I never thought in 93 million light-years they’d want it. Not b/c I didn’t think it was good, but because? I don’t? know??

I wrote this when I was querying agents & it’s the book that inflicted the infamous “second book syndrome.” Despite my CPs assuring me it wasn’t a heaping trash fire, that insidious book 2 monster still lurked. Lurks.

Me, mere moments after I got the news that they wanted Rubicon too. I look utterly terrified, but I *was* happy, I swear. Just also panicked 😦

Rubicon’s just a lot more…personal, I guess? I mean there’s a TON of me in Divide but it’s mostly the happy, optimistic, lighthearted me & Rubicon is…not…that & why yes I *am* scared to death that people are going to read it why do you ask🥺

(But for real, I fear this book’s release in a way I NEVER felt for a fraction of a second about The Last Watch or The Exiled Fleet. I do not know why?)

(That’s a lie, I do know why, but I’m not emotionally prepared to admit it so 🙌🙃👍👏🎉🚀🍎💜👾💩🤡✌️🐼⚡️🧈🎶👑🧶🍦)

*poofs into internet vapor while you’re distracted by emojis*


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