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Video Chat with Fictitious Podcast

I had the immense pleasure of chatting with Adron from @fictitiouspod all about The Last Watch!


New Episode: J.S. Dewes, author of THE LAST WATCH » View it with link in bio!

THE LAST WATCH author @jsdewes discusses her debut sci-fi novel. We explore her edge-of-the-universe world-building, its military/prisoner/found-family character dynamics, the "competence porn" trope, and her non-linear 'pantsing' writing method for the space opera adventure.

A lonely military ship sits watch over the Divide. It's a quiet, isolated life for a bunch of misfit soldiers dropped where they can't cause any more problems. Quiet, until the Divide itself starts to collapse, and they find themselves unable to send warnings or signal for help, and with very limited chance of escape.

With everything at stake, the ship's commanding officer must rally every bit of ingenuity, competency, and courage from her crew of castoffs and exiles. Because the very survival of humanity depends on them.

THE LAST WATCH is fast-paced, character-driven space opera. It's the first book in THE DIVIDE series, available now from TOR books.


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