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Top Nine* for 2021! (*66)

Way too much amazingness happened this year for only a top 9, so here’s a top…uh, like, 66 🙃

After over three years, I didn’t think debut year stood a chance at living up to the anticipation and hype I’d built up in my brain. Yet it not only lived up to it, it surpassed it.

I’m so grateful to my publishing team, all my fellow debuts, family, friends, booksellers, reviewers, readers, and veteran authors who helped make my first TWO book launches absolutely incredible. 💙😭💙

2021 was also one of the most difficult years in so many ways. I feel like a terrible human to feel anything but overwhelming gratitude, but hot damn, 2020 and 2021 were a dumpster fire for so many reasons. On top of it, I pushed myself way too hard earlier in the year, and burnt out REALLY hard as a result—something I still haven’t bounced back from.

2022 is going to be all about finding a better balance—with work, writing, life, the news, self care, health, dogs, dogs, cats, and especially dogs.

So yeah, I’ll be spending New Years Eve petting my dogs. Stay safe, friends. 💙💙💙


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