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The Relentless Legion (The Divide #3) Coming 11/12/24!

Super excited to announce the title AND release date for book 3 in The Divide series!

THE RELENTLESS LEGION is coming 11/12/24! 🎉🎉🎉

I seriously can’t wait to share this installment with you guys, I had a such a blast writing it & I hope you have just as much fun reading it!


The Official Blurb

J. S. Dewes is back with her acclaimed and action packed Divide series (The Last Watch, The Exiled Fleet) where The Expanse meets the Night’s Watch.

The Sentinels have rallied under the leadership of Adequin Rake, and Cavalon Mercer has uncovered the horrifying genetic solution his grandfather is about to unleash on the unsuspecting outer colonies.

Both Rake and Cavalon race against time to save the universe once again. They’ll need every resource, every ally who might answer the call.

It may not be enough.


More details in the coming months, but a few sneak peak tags:

✨ terrible cousins

✨ misbehaving AI

✨ generational trauma

✨ slowburn...

✨ maturity?

✨ emotional growth??

Plus all the usual found family, BFF energy, explosions, big alien tech, in-over-their-heads nonsense you’ve come to expect 😆

Looks like you can already preorder the paperback & ebook some places! The others (and the audiobook) should be available soon, I’ll post again once it looks like it’s up everywhere! (And if you’re so inclined, it’s available to add on Goodreads!)


2 days ago

Just read book one; freaking awesome story, characters and presentation. Not sorry I got sucked in as I read it within 3 days. Sorry I got sucked in because I read it within 3 days and, assuming I burn through book two within the same time frame, I will wait 6 months for book 3 🥴. Shouldn’t matter, but got to ask, how many books do you plan for this series? At 75 I am concerned about leaving my extensive reading list unfinished, and at 75 forgot to check if the series was finished. 😳 Still……not regretting it….. but hurry it along. 🤣


Katie Deveau
Katie Deveau
Mar 21

I will pre order this the moment you list it, I cannot wait!


Timothy Rinaldo
Timothy Rinaldo
Jan 22

Excited for this! Just binge-listened 30+ hours of the first two books, can't wait for the third!


Bob Schoonover
Bob Schoonover
Dec 23, 2023

I come to this blog about every other week just to see if this announcement has been made! Very excited to read the third book!

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